Evolving the industry since 1969.

At Group Two, we’re your strategic partners, fueled by our deep industry knowledge, extensive experience, and relentless resourcefulness. Through meticulous market research, we craft strategies that resonate with your buyers and drive tangible results. Our creative solutions are rooted in data, strategic insights, and genuine human connections.


We guide builders and marketers with tools, insights, and resources for thriving businesses. We spark creativity, inspire innovation, and propel our industry forward by connecting human to human, builder to buyer.

Guiding Principles



We provide valuable knowledge, insights, and resources tailored to builders’ unique needs, enabling them to navigate challenges, drive leads and sales, and seize opportunities.



We measure success by the tangible impact we make on traffic, leads, and sales, constantly striving to deliver quantifiable results that exceed expectations and drive sustainable growth.


Better Two-gether

We believe in the power of teamwork and partnership, uniting builders, marketers, and industry professionals to collectively achieve greater success and drive positive change in the industry.



We foster a culture of curiosity, continuously seeking to understand the evolving needs and trends within the homebuilding industry. By asking questions and pursuing knowledge, we uncover new opportunities for growth and innovation.


Human-Centered, Data-Informed

We prioritize understanding and caring for builder's individual challenges and aspirations. Our approach ensures that every interaction is tailored to foster genuine connections and meaningful relationships.



We are driven by the same passion that drives you. A love of building — you build the homes, we build the connections with buyers. We are all building a better country by contributing to the most important industry for our economy.

Rooted in storytelling.

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Meet our team.


  • Mollie Elkman

    Owner & President

  • Daniel Gerson

    Chief Operating Officer

Agency Leadership

  • Brenna Ryan

    Vice President

  • Matt Coddaire

    Managing Director

  • Katie Kolakowski

    Director Of Agency Relations

Marketing Strategy Team

  • Alexis Udine

    Business Development Director

  • Amanda Druschel

    Senior Builder Marketing Manager

  • Laura Stortz

    Builder Marketing Manager

  • Ali Quedenfeld

    Account Group Director

  • Katie Peeler

    Builder Marketing Manager

  • Julia Beerman

    Jr. Builder Marketing Manager

  • Sydney Potter

    Jr. Builder Marketing Manager

  • Kalyssa Washburn

    Account Coordinator

  • Kelsey Goodson

    Account Coordinator

  • Ashley Connell

    Account Coordinator

  • Payton Lackey

    Account Coordinator


  • Lisa McQuillan

    Media Strategist


  • Georgia Castellano

    Creative Director

  • Tina Mastrull

    Associate Creative Director

  • Meg Farrell

    Senior Copywriter

  • Sabrina Santos


  • Jessica Sawyer

    Art Director

  • Skylar Deihl

    Junior Graphic Designer

  • Hemani Kapoor

    Junior Graphic Designer


  • Nikki Kirkland

    Social Media Manager

  • Angel Bennett-Money

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Anna Siripanya

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Alena Collins

    Jr. Social Media Manager


  • Daniel Bridenstine

    Digital Director

  • Joanne Chen

    SEM Specialist

  • Cristina Kelly

    SEM Specialist

  • Sammy Kleege

    SEM Specialist

  • Ryan Gurian

    SEO Sr Specialist

  • Kayla Stavridis

    SEO Specialist

Web Development

  • AJ Jardiah

    Lead Web Developer

  • Elizabeth Mosley

    Front End Developer/Designer

Let’s build your success together.

We’d love to hear about your business goals and challenges, even if you’re not sure what your next step is.